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Apply by 2nd Oct and Save £500
Apply by 2nd Oct and Save £500

Reach Cambridge August 2016: Day 5

It’s been a jam-packed day at Reach Cambridge HQ.  Everyone arrived to class spruced and ready for the Reach group photo, which took place straight after morning lessons.  In the afternoon, some of the classes enjoyed a punting tour on the River Cam, while others continued to explore our tailor-made courses designed to give a taste of university study.  After class, some students played an enthusiastic (and delightfully non-contact) game of touch rugby, whilst others played basketball.  Meanwhile, the Community Outreach team – a committee made up of charity-conscious Reach students and led by Tom, beloved supervisor and Community Outreach Coordinator – met to plan festivities for the upcoming Fete of Fun (more on that soon!).
However, this was not the case for all.  In a magical land not so far far away, those students who signed up for the ‘University Advance’ add-on spent the day in London on university tours.  Our guides showed us around King’s College London (highlights include the incredible view of the Southbank which can be seen from the Strand campus terrace); and UCL, based in the heart of Bloomsbury (highlights include the preserved body of philosopher Jeremy Bentham who stands vigil in one of the main corridors… not creepy at all).
This evening’s lecture was a fascinating foray into the life of media composition.  Our talented lecturer taught us about ‘spotting’, picking key moments in a film that are important to shape the score.  We then got a chance to put our newly-acquired knowledge into action, as we collaborated in creating some alternative music for a Star Wars trailer.  Although Reach does occasionally create surreal experiences for staff and students alike, I must say that recording ‘Stormtrooper’ percussion by synchronising clapping and stamping with a hundred other young people definitely takes some beating. The eventful day rounded off with the ever-popular Summer School Disco.  It was wonderful to see the students dressed to impress and ready to throw some shapes.  No doubt everyone will sleep soundly tonight! Written by Ros, Head of Pastoral Care