Summer 2022 - apply by 30th November and save £350
Summer 2022 - apply by 30th November and save £350
Summer 2022
Apply by 30th November and save £350

Reach 2015: Priyal's experience

In this blog Priyal looks back at her time in Cambridge on our 2015 summer program:  Firstly, I’d love to thank the entire Reach Cambridge team for making me feel so special this summer. This summer at Cambridge has been the best summer for me. Not only did I get an opportunity to explore the beautiful city, but also make new everlasting friends. Above all the Reach Staff was so supportive and friendly that most of us loved hanging out with them!! Both the academics and the activities were balanced appropriately and choosing the Life Sciences and Medicine course didn’t get the schedule tiring, which helped me enjoy every moment of what took place! I always wanted to visit the Globe Theatre and watch a play…..but nothing can get better when you get a chance to do it with your friends! Reach Cambridge helped me get an insight to University life which I earlier had no clue of. Not only did I develop my knowledge after attending the courses, but also got keen on exploring further about the course and the subject. In conclusion I’d say that my experience at Reach Cambridge has been unforgettable and I’d love to be a part of Reach Cambridge next summer too!
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