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Apply by 11th Dec and Save £250
Apply by 11th Dec and Save £250

Summer 2023: Program 3 - Day 3

As we hit the midpoint of our first full week in the Reach Program, students had a chance to dive into a range of activities aimed at broadening their perspectives. The highlight was an eye-opening evening lecture on the game-changing rise of Artificial Intelligence and how its influence is reshaping the world as we know it. Prior to this lecture, students got a taste of different subjects through our Taster Courses, covering everything from philosophy and ethics to practical leadership skills. And for those not taking part in the taster courses, there were two equally engaging activities to choose from.

The first of these activities was a postcard making workshop! Under the expert guidance of our talented supervisors Aless, Eve and Tabitha, the event kicked off with a burst of inspiration. Students were encouraged to let their imaginations run wild and transform simple postcards into magnificent works of art. From serene landscapes to abstract masterpieces, the possibilities were as endless as the creativity that flowed in the room. One of the highlights of the workshop was the freedom to personalise. Students could incorporate their favourite quotes, memories, or even inside jokes onto their postcards. The result? A collection of postcards that not only looked breathtaking but also held sentimental value, ready to be sent to loved ones or displayed as miniature artworks.

During our University Life Q&A session, the second daytime activity provided an opportunity for students to address any concerns they held about university life as a whole. They engaged with current university undergraduates, seeking insights and clarifications to better prepare for their upcoming journey into higher education. In an exciting twist, a delightful surprise awaited the English Literature class students as they were treated to an enchanting experience – a screening of the much-awaited Barbie movie! This event provided students with a break from their studies and an opportunity to engage with a different form of storytelling. The movie’s captivating storyline offered a fresh perspective that sparked discussions among the students as I am sure the teacher had anticipated.

After wrapping up the evening lecture, students were offered a chance to unwind in two exciting ways. For those with a knack for dancing, a Nintendo Switch dance-off awaited, adding a touch of friendly competition to the night. On the other hand, the Downing Paddock welcomed sports enthusiasts for some outdoor fun. The options catered to different tastes, ensuring everyone had a chance to relax and connect after an insightful day.