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Apply by 11th Dec and Save £250
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Summer 2023: Program 2 - Day 5

The fun continues!

A day eagerly awaited by all, it was finally time to have a break from lessons and have a full day of fun! Today was an excursion day, where our students are given the opportunity to explore amazing sites all around the country: and where better than the historic, royal Hampton Court Palace, home to the infamous Tudor king, Henry VIII. A figure well-known in our collective imagination, Henry VIII looms large (literally…) and our students found it so interesting to put a place to the name, and really investigate the intrigue and fascination that surrounds this figure.


After a lovely breakfast and an early start to the morning, our students had the opportunity to explore the palace and all the variously fantastic sites on show. We saw the Great Hall and marvelled at the beautiful, ornate tapestries that furnished the room and the huge arching ceilings, we saw the infamous haaauuunted gallery and processional route and we also tried our hand at escaping the Garden Maze. No introduction to Henry VIII would be complete without a thorough exploration of, probably, his most favourite room: the elaborate kitchen. After this, we were all a bit peckish and got some ice cream to eat in the expansive, magnificent gardens. Sitting in the gardens, ice-creams in hand and taking in the view after such a fun and exhilarating week was the perfect day and exactly what we needed.


Tired from our trip, we made our way back to Cambridge for a relaxed evening after a very busy day out. While some had a chill evening playing sports on the beautiful Downing Paddock, others did a little bit of arts and crafts and others really impressed with some fantastic karaoke! After such a long day, it was so nice to see how people were so cheerful and enthusiastic, and we are having such a fun time getting to know such wonderful students. We can’t wait for our second excursion: this time to London and we are very excited for sports day tomorrow. Fingers crossed that the weather holds…


We are really looking forward to the last week of the program and, once again, head over to our Instagram and Tiktok (@reachcambridge) for more pictures and videos of what our students are getting up to.