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Summer 2023: Program 2 - Day 4

Our last day of lessons for the week, our students were really excited to get stuck in. Once again, we continue to be so impressed by the quality of their work, their enthusiasm and willingness to learn, as well as really considerate and compassionate treatment of the fellow members of their class. Today in Physics, the students were experimenting with diffraction, they learned about quantum theory, and they made telescopes. In Engineering, our students were learning about aerodynamics and experimented with making paper airplanes. Our Law students are really excited about the opportunity to go to the Crown Court.

After lunch, some students got stuck into a busy afternoon of learning. We have such a wide variety of taster courses taught by some really passionate teachers, including psychology, young leaders, intro to coding, and philosophy and ethics. It is so rewarding to see so much energy and enthusiasm from the students, especially when only studying something for a short time!

Volleyball has been extremely popular amongst our students, and we keep getting lots of requests for more. So, today, we had a casual, relaxed game at the beautiful Downing Paddock. Some students decided to join our Reach Choir instead: we were blown away by the musical talent, energy and excitement that our students show, displaying such well-rounded interests. Others decided to stretch the brain with the Chess Championship!

Later on, colleges got together and got to make more friends at the PIZZA PARTY! This was such a good and relaxed chance to get to know everyone a little better and have a chilled evening. After dinner, all the students gathered for the evening lecture. This was an incredible interactive workshop given by the One-Drum Foundation, which is a UK charity made up of African musicians and performers whose purpose is to educate about the history and culture of Africa’s music. The students were all buzzing after this exciting and rich opportunity and lots of them actually got up on stage to dance. We are very excited to see this talent again on stage at the upcoming Talent Show! We are really looking forward to our fun weekend of excursions, so stay tuned for updates about these: especially on our Instagram stories and tiktok @reachcambridge !