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Apply by 11th Dec and Save £250
Apply by 11th Dec and Save £250

Summer 2023: Program 1 - Day 9

Today, all our students headed to the Union for an exciting interdisciplinary debate. Our students were able to bring together all their varied lessons over the week to engage in really passionate and well-informed debates. It was so fantastic to see everyone working together and getting stuck in, a well as putting their new knowledge and skills to work! The Cambridge Union is one of the oldest debating societies in the world and our students really appreciated the opportunity to debate in a chamber that has also hosted many famous people and academics, for example Bill Gates, Stephen Hawking, Winston Churchill, Stephen Fry and many, many more. Among many other things, they were debating about artificial intelligence and the controversial Chat GPT often came up.


After lunch, one of the activities most popular with our students was t-shirt painting. This had a fantastic turnout and we were so impressed to see some really artistic ideas and creations. Several students had got theirs signed by all their friends, so it was really special to see them actively make memories of their time here – as well as lots of “Reach Cambridge 2023” designs.


Throughout the day, some (very talented) students were singing outside in preparation for the long-awaited Talent Show, so we cannot wait to see how they do! After dinner, our supervisors all decked themselves out in ghostly white attire, and painted their faces a frightening, deathly pallor, for our spoooooky ghost tour! Please do check out our Instagram for videos of this – definitely not to be missed.


Some students have asked our staff whether they could have a Reach Choir and we are very lucky to have a talented pianist in our midst to accompany them. It was lovely to hear how enthusiastic and talented our students are. We can’t wait to hear them at the Talent Show. As the program slowly draws to its end, lots of students are definitely more confident and relaxed than they were when they came and some really tight-knit friendships have formed.

Once again, check out pictures/videos on our Instagram/tiktok: @reachcambridge