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Apply by 11th Dec and Save £250
Apply by 11th Dec and Save £250

Summer 2023: Program 1 - Day 8

The second week of Reach Cambridge Program 1 began with a beautiful sunny morning which continued throughout the whole day. After a busy weekend of excursions and fun, students were eager to get back into their classes – and it was so lovely to be able to study outside! Quickly becoming the students’ favourite place, the Politics students all went to the beautiful Grantchester meadows to talk about ecology and the climate crisis and the engineering students continue with lots of experiments and models.

In the afternoon, the students all went on the quintessential Cambridge activity (a favourite for students to unwind and relax from their degrees): punting! The river flows through the West side of the city and passes by many famous colleges, including John’s and King’s. Our knowledgeable supervisors were able to give them lots of information about Cambridge, so our students could get to know it even better. Punting skills potentially leaving much to be desired, luckily we had no casualties and no-one fell in! Although this is rare and apparently “just can’t happen”, this did unfortunately happen to me on the first time I had ever punted…

In the evening, the students were able to practice their debating skills at Corpus Lecture Theatre in preparation for the long-awaited Interdisciplinary day tomorrow, where students will go to the famous Cambridge Union and all debate in the chamber itself!

Later on, sports at the beautiful Downing Paddock continues to be a firm favourite as well as a cozy movie night in Trinity Hall. There was also a chance to prepare for the World Fair, which is a presentation by the students about their culture and home, was well as preparation for the veeeeery long-anticipated Talent Show!!! It is so nice to hear how much people are practicing and how excited and keen they are. We can’t wait to hear them!

Again, check out our Instagram and Tiktok for any more pictures or videos of our students having fun and learning lots! (@reachcambridge)