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Summer 2022: Program 2 - Day 12

Students in medicine!

With the end of our summer program 2 drawing to a close, the last couple days have been filled with exciting classes and activities! The day began with breakfast, served in our beautiful and history filled colleges. Students then headed to their classes, with a variety of exciting things going down in every subject! In Medicine, students learnt about cannulating and taking observations. Social political students had an excursion of themselves to London’s migration museum where we learnt so much about where we come from and how migration can affect every aspect of our lives, even our name. While having fun in London, back in Cambridge the Literature class were spotted voguing fabulously with the theme “Cambridge Realness” – Madonna would be proud!

Fantastic performance featuring Harrington the “Rat”

Afternoon activities included a personal statement workshop (great for students beginning to apply to university) and an Improvisation Workshop! Students had a great time learning about the importance of improvisation and understanding the key skills that come with thinking on your feet. Left with the 5 C’s: Confidence, Communication, Collaboration, Compassion and Creativity, we can only imagine where the art of improvisation could take them in the future with all the adventures and hardships they may face in life. I certainly feel more prepared and reassured! Ater a loud and interactive workshop, we moved on at full speed to the most anticipated event of the evening – the Talent Show!! With many acts from students and even our supervisors, a large majority of talent and fun came from everyone! There were no silent moments as roars of cheers could be heard from down the corridor, everyone supporting and encouraging each other was a touching moment to see – definitely down as one of the highlights of the whole program! Keep an eye out on our Instagram for pictures of what the night had entailed! 

After an energetic evening, students made their way back to their dorms to rest for the final day of classes! Tomorrow is the leaving party – the theme Fireworks! I can’t wait to see what energy everyone brings, until then, goodnight Reachers!!


Written By Mel