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Apply by 11th Dec and Save £250
Apply by 11th Dec and Save £250

Summer 2022: Program 2 - Day 3

Roll on the second day of classes! Today was a monumental day in Cambridge as there were record-breaking high temperatures across the UK – but students remained as enthusiastic as ever! The Liberal Arts students brought their work out the Latham Lawn of Trinity College to work on their King Lear-inspired creative writing session. The beautiful flowers, gardens and view of the river were truly the best way to inspire and stimulate the minds of our students. 

After working hard in their classes this morning, the Reach students got a well-earned break and either paid a visit to the Picture House Cinema to watch Thor, or the Cambridge Leisure Centre to play some bowling and get a chance to try all the flashy arcade games. With the extravagant neon lights and fun music, it was easy to feel the nostalgia of bowling and have a blast with friends! This is where we get to see the close bonds formed in only three days where students cheered for one another in a playful spirit. The arcade was also a massive success with some students trying their best at traditional UK arcade games -the basketball in particular was very competitive – between students and supervisors alike!

The remaining students who chose not to bowl had the chance to go sit in a nice, cooling cinema for a few hours to relax and watch either Thor or Railway Children. With a smaller, more intimate group, Reach students could really immerse themselves in the story of the movie and enjoy a calming afternoon. After games and movies, students made their way for the evening lecture at the Engineering Department, where students listened intently to a talk on the importance of story-telling & human experience. The interactive lecture was truly the best end to a busy day!


Written by Mel