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Save £150 per program! Apply before 27th January!
Save £150 per program!
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Day 11: SABRE Promises Auction

Sabre t-shirt printingThe Reach Cambridge Summer School for July has just passed the halfway mark and spirits are on a high! Some poor weather persisting throughout the day threatened to dampen our progress, however, rain or shine there is always lots to do here in Cambridge. With the outdoor sporting activities having to be cancelled they were replaced with trips to our local museums: most notably the Fitzwilliam Museum (which is host to some very famous works, including that of Picasso). We encourage anyone to go who has not yet visited, it is truly inspiring! For those who preferred a more chilled afternoon and perhaps wanted to stay out of the rain, T-shirt painting was again on offer producing some real works of art, almost too good to wear. These included some great t-shirts supporting SABRE, the charity we are supporting during the program. Picasso better watch out, we have some real talent here! Finally for those who just needed to rest (or catch up on homework) after their gruelling lectures some well-deserved down time was readily enjoyed! Phew! After dinner we had our evening lecture which was on the topic of social media: the lecturer discussed how the online sites that we use every day to socialise (eg Facebook, Twitter etc) can be utilised as a powerful tool to help society have a voice that can be heard not only by friends and family but by the whole world! Giving meaning to the “#” to help share interest about important issues within our societies and not just for promoting “selfies”. #Deep #PowerToThePeople #ReachCambridge Last but not least we had our more than promising Promises Auction which raised a whopping £1500 for S.A.B.R.E., Reach Cambridge’s affiliated charity. The most popular item going for a massive £200 alone, that’s a new record! Promise! And a very proud total! To round up we would like to congratulate all of our students on making it past the halfway point and for helping us to make this the best summer school ever! Keep going guys and make the most of it! :) Written by Kyle McCormick, Supervisor