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Reach Cambridge: A Teacher's Perspective

Reach Cambridge summer schools offer students from all over the world a fantastic academic and cultural experience. Take a look at our video to find out why our excellent course teachers, and the visiting teachers who accompany students to Reach Cambridge, think that it is such a valuable high school summer program. “The Reach Cambridge program certainly helps all students to prepare for university life. The lodging, the discipline, all requirements – it’s certainly an eye-opener for them, as they prepare to launch their university applications.” School Group Teacher, Singapore “We’ve tried to put together a demanding program that basically draws on what a first-year student would work on at university, and for a student who’s not been to university to begin thinking about those things is to really start transitioning into a more advanced, mature kind of mental framework that will make them much more advanced than their peers.” Reach Cambridge Politics Course Teacher, Oxford University “I think coming to Cambridge as a 16-18 year old is a larger-than-life experience, and I think they felt they can really dig into not only the history of the institution but the breadth of what’s on offer here.” Reach Cambridge Performing Arts Course Teacher “It’s extraordinarily valuable for teenagers who are on the brink of leaving home and going to university, to spend some time away from home, where they are outside their comfort zone, where they are meeting so many different people from so many different parts of the world. I don’t see how that could be anything but beneficial. ” School Group Teacher, Canada “It provides you with an inch over the rest in terms of opening up your mind, introducing you to different subjects, different interpretations.” School Group Teacher, Indonesia “They are going to experiment with ideas that they might not have had the chance to do so before.” School Group Teacher, Singapore “It’s just an overall broadening experience at a time in life when you’re really starting to think about who am I and what do I want to do.” Reach Cambridge Performing Arts Course Teacher “They seem to grow in their interests in the area, they become excited about the topic. It’s fantastic to see the way that they change, the way that they think about things.” Reach Cambridge Philosophy Course Teacher, New York “I think that’s what education is all about – you can get children to be engaged actively, and enjoying what they’re doing. It’s a beautiful experience, there’s just no question about that.” School Group Teacher, India “The level of individual attention to students, and the level of care about the way that they spend their time, has been very impressive. The students are given activities all afternoon, and the students take part, they really enjoy them.” Reach Cambridge Politics Course Teacher, Oxford University “The hands-on component in Reach Cambridge is one of the things which actually makes all these schools revisit Cambridge again and again. They actually appoint one student or two students to each school, and when I need something, when I actually call them or email them I receive an instant reply, and that’s something which I really cherish.” School Group Teacher, Indonesia “As a school, we have developed a very close relationship with the Reach staff, who are very, very supportive. I have been teaching for a very long time but I can’t think of a better program to give parents confidence, and I mean that sincerely.” School Group Teacher, Canada So, for an educationally enriching and inspiring summer experience why not apply to Reach Cambridge summer programs today.