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Reach Cambridge 2013: What our students thought

Are you interested in finding out more about Reach Cambridge summer programs? Then click here to watch our video and hear from our 2013 students and teachers what an incredible summer experience you could be having this year! Reach Cambridge was founded in 2004 and it specialises in residential academic programs for international students in Cambridge in the UK. One of the most exciting and dynamic things about Reach Cambridge is the fact that there are students from dozens of different countries around the world and it’s an opportunity for the students to come out of their comfort zone, expand their horizons, meet new people, and get ready for their life later on, whether that is university or other plans. “I think it is really cool because people are coming from everywhere, so it is fun to learn how they live, how they are” – Student from France, 2013 “It’s an amazing experience. People that I have only known for a few days are like best friends that I have had for years. As a person that changes me, it makes me a more open-minded, more fun, more exciting person.” – Student from Egypt, 2013 “Everyone gets along so well together and it is so easy to meet people, and every day I am learning something new.” – Student from Hong Kong, 2013 “What I’ve seen is students immediately making really strong connections with other young people from so many different countries. To come and be based in the most beautiful university city in the world and at the same time to live and study with other students from up to 30 different countries I can see why it is such a phenomenal intercultural opportunity.” – School teacher, Pittsburgh, 2013 “This is one of the best and most well known universities in the world, and to be living in it is an amazing feeling, I can’t even describe it, where great minds have walked before me; people who are really famous or were really famous have studied here. It is really good to be here.” – Student from Egypt, 2013 “The lessons are really interactive and there are a lot of hands-on experiences – we’re not just learning from textbooks, we are doing stuff that we are going to do in university as well.” – Student from Hong Kong, 2013 The teaching at Reach Cambridge is designed to push students beyond where they would be at school, and is often at a level that will push them beyond the syllabuses in the classroom, and works in a much smaller way so that they get individual attention in a more university style. “You get to see different perspectives than you do when you are studying in your own country, and you feel like people really understand the course you are given” – Student from Lebanon, 2013 “It really models what university life will be. It gives the students the opportunity to both take courses and have that academic piece, but also to have all sorts of different extra-curricular opportunities that are outside just their lessons, which is really what university life is going to be like for them, and to get that taste early on really sets them up for when they do get to their university of college experience” – School teacher, Pittsburgh, 2013 “There is a great balance here in Cambridge between the social life and the academic life; I’m trying new things, I did the drama club, singing and acting, t-shirt making, all sorts of stuff that encourages new things in you” – Student, Singapore, 2013 “Reach ticks so many different boxes for young people, it ticks the academic learning, it ticks the pastoral care, and I just think it is a great, great experience” – Journalism & Media course teacher, 2013 “You come here to study but you get so much more back, you are able to develop so many different ideas to make new opinions, I really will go back home as a changed person. It’s just amazing”. Student, Italy, 2013 “Come to England, come to Cambridge, it is an amazing experience, you really have fun and you learn a lot and you meet new people, and it will be the best three weeks of your life” – Student, Egypt, 2013 “It is fun to live life as a university student” – Student, Singapore, 2013 To sign up for this amazing summer program, simply click here!