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Famous alumni of the University of Cambridge!

The University of Cambridge has a very long history of academic excellence. The University recently celebrated its 800th birthday. As you might imagine, in its 800 year history Cambridge has been home to many famous names, in fact there are far too many to mention! Here are just a few of the University’s alumni who you might have heard of! 1.Sacha Baron Cohen More commonly known under the names of his most famous characters ‘Borat’ and ‘Ali G’, some people are surprised to discover that actor Sacha Baron Cohen studied at the University of Cambridge! He was a student at Christ’s College, where he studied history. Fancy that. 2. Isaac Newton Isaac Newton, one of the most famous scientists in history for his work on optics and, of course, gravity, also studied at Cambridge. Newton was a student at Trinity College, where he later became a Fellow. Just one of many influential scientists to study and work at the University. 3. Lily Cole More recently actress and supermodel Lily Cole studied History of Art at King’s College, Cambridge. On top of her modelling and acting career Lily managed graduate with First Class Honours! Not bad! 4. William Wordsworth In 1787, a young William Wordsworth began his undergraduate studies at St John’s College, Cambridge. An important figure among the Romantic poets, Wordsworth later became Poet Laureate. 5. Prince Charles The son and heir of Queen Elizabeth II (our current monarch) was the first direct heir to earn an undergraduate university degree. Prince Charles studied archaeology, anthropology and history at Trinity College, Cambridge. Of course, there are many many more famous names that have passed through the University – Charles Darwin, Lord Byron, Thandie Newton and, most importantly of all perhaps…the Reach staff :D