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Apply by 11th Dec and Save £250
Apply by 11th Dec and Save £250

Program 1: Summer 2018 - Day 9

A slightly cooler temperature and light drizzle this morning was a welcome change to the heat and intense sun we’ve had over the past week. Today students went to class as usual, learning about everything from radiology and anatomy in medicine, to an introduction to modernism in English literature. They then headed into town for lunch, many enjoying some of the tasty offerings of the food stalls in Market Square.

World Cup Joy

After the relaxing break and hearty meals, students made for their afternoon activities. The start of the Young Leaders add-on brought about many fascinating and insightful discussions about ethical leadership, focusing on how to handle the range of stakeholders involved especially in the running of multinational corporations. Meanwhile, at the paddock in Downing College, students played a variety of sports while enjoying the afternoon sun, with football and tennis as well as ultimate Frisbee proving particularly popular. Students also got the chance to put some of their creative talents to practice in preparation for the World Fair on Friday – many a flag were painted and even a rap was written! Following a bit of downtime, the students headed to a delicious dinner in their respective colleges. As usual this was proceeded by a captivating lecture titled the Milky Way and Beyond. Students learnt all about the charms of space. To end the day, we had a screening of the World Cup game (France v Belgium). Fortunately everyone remained friends despite the close game and competitive atmosphere! Some arts and crafts also went on in the Music Room with everything from friendship bracelets to lanyard decoration. As we approach the midway point for the programme, students are continuing to bond and have really started to settle in to life at Cambridge.