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Program 1: Summer 2018 - Day 1

Today was a huge day at Reach Cambridge! We woke up bright and early for the first group breakfasts in colleges, and the students made sure to get in good meals for the day ahead. After eating, it was time for the first morning of classes. We’re lucky at Reach to be able to offer a huge range of classes, such as Journalism & Media, Law, Engineering, and Medicine & Life Sciences. One of the best things about the program is the taste it gives the students of university life, and they certainly got it this morning as they got stuck into the challenging and fun courses that they’ll be taking for the next few weeks. Once lessons were over, the students headed into the city to explore and find themselves some lunch. The free time meant they were able to find a little bit of Cambridge outside of the colleges, as well as get to know each other over some food. Once again, the food was necessary, because we had a packed afternoon sorted for the students. After lunch we held out first whole group activity, the INSTRAVAGANZA! In this activity, groups of students had to compete in an instagram scavenger hunt, taking wacky and creative group photos across the famous locations of Cambridge. Catch them on our instagram or on the hashtag #ReachCambridge2018 flapping like an eagle or posing with some porters! The results are yet to be announced, but safe to say we all knew each other (and Cambridge) a lot better after the afternoon …  When the students had walked the length of Cambridge in the unexpected (but extremely wonderful)  sunshine, it was time for the students to have a little bit of free time before dinner back in college, giving them a chance to relax for a moment and once again refuel for the evening. As this was our first full day of the program in the evening we gave our students another chance to break the ice with some new  teammates, through relay races and group games such as SPLAT. Once the games ended it was time for a quick grocery run into town, and then finally time for the students to check-in and get some well deserved rest! The program couldn’t have started better: the students have not only been greeted with blazing sunshine, but have been able to experience a variety of exciting activities and classes that are on offer to them. They have certainly met the program , and each other, with a huge amount of excitement. We’re so excited to experience the rest of the program, and to see the students continue to enjoy their time here.
Apply before 15th December to save £400