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Program 3: Scholar 2017 – Day 9

Program 3: Scholar 2017 - Day 9

Today’s program included a number of exciting academic classes and excursions. The Medical Sciences and Chemistry class headed to Cambridge’s renowned Botanical Gardens where they took part in a plant treasure hunt, locating and identifying various plant species in the beautiful sunshine!  The English Literature class travelled to the nearby village of Granchester where they visited the popular Orchard Tearooms. Located on a quiet stretch of the River Cam and surrounded by picturesque meadows, it’s the perfect spot to find inspiration. The students enjoyed a morning here writing poetry and short stories .  The Biotechnology group also ventured out of the classroom, taking a trip to Cambridge University’s Biotechnology Department. Here they had a chance to witness first-hand the current research carried out by the faculty in the field of genetic modification. Students then split into groups and gave presentations on what they had learned, sparking insightful discussions of the ethical questions surrounding the topic.  In the afternoon we had the first instalment of the infamous Fete of Fun. Activities included a football tournament, bowling, apple bobbing and doughnuts on a string. But by far the most popular stall was Soak the Supervisor and many Reach members of staff were drenched with sponges and buckets of water, much to the delight of the students! The Fete (and the fun!) continued this evening with even more activities such as a raffle, guess the name of the teddy bear and palm reading by one of our own students and community outreach volunteers. Our charity Sabre will no doubt be extremely pleased by the hard work, enthusiasm and generosity of the students, helping to raise money for their cause.  Running alongside the evening fete is a spooky ghost tour of Cambridge, filled with terrifying tales, mysterious places and a few unexpected surprises! While some students were braving the ghosts and ghouls, others remained at Trinity Hall, preparing for tomorrow’s talent show. We are all super excited to see the students perform and share their wonderful talents with all their friends at Reach.
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