QUICK! Final places remaining for summer 2024! APPLY NOW
QUICK! Final places remaining for summer 2024! APPLY NOW
QUICK! Final places remaining for summer 2024! APPLY NOW

Program 3: Scholar 2017 - Day 8

Today was a busy day at Reach with plenty of exciting activities and lectures going on! As usual we started the day with a lovely breakfast at Downing College and Trinity hall.

Various interesting lectures were taking place today! We had the Psychology students analysing brain scans, the Biotechnology class studying drug discovery and design, the law students going punting and the Economics class discussing Neoclassical consumer theory!

The ESL and English Literature students had a lovely day of studying and analysis finished by watching an exciting live performance of ‘King Lear’ one of Shakespeare’s finest tragedies. They were excited to have the opportunity to see the play in action!

In the afternoon, the students had some time to play some sport on the Downing Paddock- this was well received after a busy day of lectures! It was a great chance to play football, basketball and frisbee in the beautiful Cambridge sunshine!

Meanwhile Auction fulfilment was also taking place – The students now had time to fulfil the promises they made for our charity auction- perhaps give their dance lessons, have their hair styled or receive an Arabic lesson. There are plenty of prizes waiting to be received- we’re sure those going on the college tours with our resident experts will have a wonderful time on their insider’s tour.

This evening we had a fascinating lecture taking place on Astrophysics! We all enjoyed listening to the speaker share their expertise in stars, galaxies and the possibilities of exploring other planets!

After the lecture, we all had the choice of two activities- ‘Mock interviews’; a wonderful way to rehearse those all-important interview skills, or ‘The Apprentice workshop’- a fun way to experience a series of entrepreneurial challenges! The senior team enjoyed being the judges. What a busy day! We’re looking forward to the next one!