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Talent Show: A Review from the students

Here’s a sneak peak into one of the many evening activities you can encounter during a Reach Cambridge program. While the supervisors prepare a lively program for all nights during the 3-week period (including a casino night, Scottish dance lessons, international nights and much more), the talent show often shines through as an amazing night of discovering just how talented the Reach Cambridge students are. Have a read through the following review of this year’s July Talent Show written by the very talented students Tara and Nina: 

Best Night So Far: Talent Show Review

You probably think that Reach Cambridge students are classic old boring teenagers, but they’re NOT! The talent show that happened yesterday night, has revealed everyone’s secret gift. They were all great and all of us spent one of the best evenings at the summer camp. The opening act, was the supervisors singing ‘’Don’t Stop Believing’’ from the TV series Glee, we do not recommend you to ask for a bis, because once was more than enough. The second act and in our opinion the best of the night, was Momo, Victor, and Aya, dressed as monkeys dancing ‘’Single Ladies’’ by Beyonce (Victor’s Idol). It was breathtaking, nobody would stop laughing, I am sure we will all remember this, because it was epic. Later, the Canadian guys came up and played the piano and sang, they were all great, and Mat sang one of THE best songs, and he became the sex symbol of the camp. After that, other strange performances came up: a girl twisted her arms all around her body, another one tried to sing a song from the little mermaid, the public thought at least for 5 minutes if they were supposed to laugh or not. Last but not least, was the most shocking performance of the night Dina showed her amazing voice, which was about to make everybody cry. Overall, the Talent Show was legendary, we were able to laugh, but also be emotional. I believe no one is going to forget what happened yesterday, mostly because everyone filmed the performances, making great memories.   What are your talents? Tell us in the comments!