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Apply by 11th Dec and Save £250
Apply by 11th Dec and Save £250

Program 1: Explorer 2017 – Day 12

A snap from the Politics classroom

Friday morning saw a dynamic range of classroom topics, from structural engineering and probability theory, to Shakespeare and Rawls. The Law class even put on a mock trial – complete with wigs and gavels! After classes today, the students channelled their enthusiasm for the weekend excursions into an active afternoon of sports. An energetic game of 7-a-side football was played alongside netball and a supervisor vs. student game of basketball. Many students tried their hands at tennis for the first time, with some impressive results! Today was also the last day of class for the Architecture and Creative Writing Add-Ons. The Architecture group spent the afternoon designing a shelter for buskers in Market Square, learning to draw from a range of different perspectives, whilst developing their own design ideas. The Creative Writing discussed and perfected their own poems and short stories, honing their literary skills and cultivating their unique styles. The evening lecture explored the thought-provoking theme of ‘Forgotten People’, considering the marginalisation of certain individuals within developed societies, including the UK. The guest speaker, who is a volunteer and benefactor of charities working with certain marginalised groups, discussed the current social problems and the work charities are undertaking to resolve them, such as helping offenders reintegrate in society.

Architecture Add-On in situ

To round off another jam-packed day at Reach, the students participated in debating and craft workshops, led by the supervisors, which finished in time to get an early night before the excursions this weekend! ~by Laura, Modern Languages student at St. Catherine’s College, Cambridge SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave