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Summer 2022 - apply by 31st January and save £200
Summer 2022
Apply by 31st January and save £200

Reach Cambridge August 2016: Day 7

The week comes to a close, ready for an action packed weekend. As well as another day of engaging lessons, students began to “collect” the items they for during last night’s Auction of Promises in aid of Sabre. A group of students had the opportunity to climb on the roof of the famous King’s College Chapel – a once in a lifetime experience not open to the public or to any Cambridge students (except those studying at King’s College)! It was amazing to see graffiti ingrained in the stone from previous visitors (a name ornately carved from 1776 for instance), as well as some of the original worker’s signatures on the upper side of the beautiful vaulted roof – these marks must be around 500 years old! Once on the roof, the group could climb onto a viewing platform for some absolutely incredible views of Cambridge and the colleges – we could wave to the staff in Reach’s Trinity Hall office. Meanwhile, the supervisors took their corridors out for lunch today all over Cambridge, providing a great excuse for everyone to get together and bond further. Whether a traditional sit-down meal, a picnic, or afternoon tea, everyone seemed to have a fabulous time! Following afternoon classes, the students were rehearsing for this evening’s presentation at the world fair. This is an event where our students (who represent over 40 different nationalities) can tell the rest of the student body about their country: we learnt interesting facts, tried different delicacies, heard music and watched dances. Tonight there was a lecture on evolution given by a really enthusiastic speaker who incorporates comedy and multimedia to create an engaging, informative talk. He taught us the evolutionary traits that interesting animals find beneficial for survival within their ecosystem, such as the bizarre mating ritual of the banana snail! It’s an early start in the morning before we start our adventure to Oxford. Written by Jack, Corridor Supervisor
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