QUICK! Final places remaining for summer 2024! APPLY NOW
QUICK! Final places remaining for summer 2024! APPLY NOW
QUICK! Final places remaining for summer 2024! APPLY NOW

Summer 2024: Program 1 - Day 10

As mentioned in an earlier blog, today is no ordinary day here at Reach! Today we held the interdisciplinary day, where classes join together to have a morning of debating workshops, learning public speaking skills and honing in on their assigned subject. 


The students then headed over to the Cambridge Union, host to a range of past speakers, including Churchill, Robert De Niro, and Yoko Ono!

Each combined group were able to take part in various debates across the day, such as “should there be an international wealth cap?”, “should countries open up their borders to allow free immigration?” and “should genetic modification be permitted amongst humans?”. The students had time to prepare their argument, either in favour or against the motion, before putting across their points to the chambers.


Continuing on from the debating lecture earlier in the week, the students impressed with their effortless public speaking and ability to persuade the audience in favour of their argument. There are certainly some future politicians amongst this year’s cohort!

Due to the day of debating, students had a different schedule for lunch. Depending on their debate time, the students either refueled before gathering back at the Union, or relaxed after a morning of intense debate! Students were treated to a college lunch, whilst the debaters turned friends again, after standing on opposite sides of the chamber. 

Following a full afternoon of discussion and wars of words, the students could enjoy some downtime, with Mario Kart and world showcase preparation taking place, with students perfecting their craft on the piano and guitar before tomorrow’s big event. 

No lecture tonight, so the students had some extended free time to grab dinner in town, before reconvening for the evening’s notices and activities. Tonight, we had the famous ghost tour, led by our very own ‘sinister Cecilia’, taking a tour of the unexplained happenings and the spooky history of Cambridge! Or students could also head down to the penultimate Euros screening of the summer, as England played Netherlands in the semi-final, once again captivating the students (and staff!). 


Come back tomorrow to hear all about the fourth day of week two, and as always, check out our Instagram and Tiktok for more daily updates! (@reachcambridge)