QUICK! Final places remaining for summer 2024! APPLY NOW
QUICK! Final places remaining for summer 2024! APPLY NOW
QUICK! Final places remaining for summer 2024! APPLY NOW

Summer 2024: Program 1 - Day 3

As we hit the midway point of the week, the students have now fully settled into their classes, with the program in full swing! As usual, students had breakfast in their colleges, before making their own way to class and getting back into their chosen subjects. The morning soon came to a close, and after another full-on start to the day, the students turned their attention to the afternoon’s activities.


As always, the students had a choice of activities to fill their time. Chess enthusiasts from across the globe gathered to battle it out during the annual Chess Championship. As students went head to head, they had the chance to win points for the overarching Ice versus Fire competition, to add to the tally from the Instravangza and daily trivia questions. 


If students fancied something a bit more relaxing, they could head down to the T-Shirt Painting club, which is always a lot of fun and allows students to show their creative talents. This year the standard of T-shirts and the attendance was at an all time high! Those who spent yesterday afternoon trying something new at the Taster Courses, got to enjoy the second day of their chosen subjects. And of course, students also could spend their free time doing some more exploring of Cambridge, and trying out new restaurants, before gathering together for a slightly different dinner this evening…


PIZZA was the order of the day, as all students and staff came together to have the first communal dinner of the program, for a giant Pizza Party! With no evening lecture today, there was plenty of time to eat and hang out with those not from their own college, before having a free evening to chill out or take part in activities. 


Due to a wetter evening than planned, activities moved inside, but that did not deter the students from having some fun. They were able to show off their vocals and dance moves at the Karaoke/ lip sync night, singing cheesy classics and sharing their favourite tunes! Werewolf was also back in high demand after the success of last night, so the pursuit of the hidden werewolves continued, alongside an evening of board games, and Nintendo Switch. The skies may have been gloomy, but the atmosphere inside the college remained joyful nonetheless!

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