QUICK! Final places remaining for summer 2024! APPLY NOW
QUICK! Final places remaining for summer 2024! APPLY NOW
QUICK! Final places remaining for summer 2024! APPLY NOW

Summer 2024: Program 1 - Day 2

Day two was off to a rainy start here in Cambridge, but that was not enough to dampen the spirits of the students! After another morning of learning and settling into their classes, students were notified about what the rest of the day had in store. Despite the morning’s rain threatening to stop play, students were relieved to see a much clearer English sky when they came out of class! 


As the first sports of the summer got underway, the students were able to enjoy a game of football in the park, whilst others played tennis on the grass courts. For those who fancied a more relaxed afternoon, they could pop down to the “Nintendo Switch Party”, where students had the chance to battle their friends (and corridor supervisors!) at Mario Kart!


Today also saw the start of the Taster Courses, where students have the chance to try out something new for a couple days, as a supplement to their regular morning classes. This week’s courses include Community Outreach, Robotics and Creative Writing! 


After dinner inside the colleges, the students gathered for a thought provoking lecture on Emotional Intelligence, delivered by a Cambridge psychologist. The lecture focused on the ability to understand, manage and reframe emotions, with the overall goal being to increase your mental and physical health. 


Following on from the lecture, students had yet more activities to choose from! The convenience of the lecture theater screen perfectly set up one of tonight’s options, something that has been on the minds of many of the students: the Euros! The anticipation began to bubble up, in particular from the avid football fans of Turkey, who were excited to see their team in action! Those less keen on football were invited to an equally thrilling game of Werewolf back at college, a hidden roles game whereby one team has to find out who the werewolves are, whilst the werewolves pretend to be ordinary villagers. This classic game is always a hit with the students! 


After a busy day, students also had the option to have some down time, either in town or back at their college, to hang out with friends, and recharge before what will no doubt be another day packed with fun tomorrow!

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