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QUICK! Final places remaining for summer 2024! APPLY NOW
QUICK! Final places remaining for summer 2024! APPLY NOW

Preparing for the Future: The Lifelong Advantage of Transferrable Skills

Going out into the world after school is a thrilling adventure, it’s a journey of self-discovery, and a leap towards shaping your future. There’s a powerful tool that often goes unnoticed but can really impact your entire university experience and beyond – transferrable skills. These are flexible abilities and qualities that you can apply across various areas of your life; whether it’s at school, university, or in a future career. summer program science 2023

Adaptability of transferrable skills

One of the primary advantages of transferrable skills is their adaptability. These skills seamlessly transition across different contexts. For example, communication skills – whether you are crafting a compelling essay, participating in a group project, or presenting your ideas during a debate class, all these tasks will be much easier with effective communication skills. University life is a hub of diversity – diverse subjects, diverse people, and diverse challenges. This is where adaptability becomes crucial. Transferrable skills like problem-solving and critical thinking equip you to tackle the varied academic challenges that come your way. These skills aren’t just confined to the lecture hall; they accompany you into every area of your life.


Collaboration is another basis of university life. For instance, group projects, team discussions, and extracurricular activities like team sports, all demand the ability to work effectively with others. Transferrable skills such as teamwork, leadership, and interpersonal skills are not just valuable in the classroom; they are key for building strong relationships and effective collaboration in your personal and professional life.

Time Management

Time management is a skill that takes the stage at university. Juggling classes, assignments, group work and social activities requires a strategic approach. Transferrable skills like organisation and time management aren’t just about meeting deadlines; they’re about developing habits that will serve you well beyond your university years. Learning to balance competing priorities is a lesson that will prove instrumental in the dynamic landscape of your future career. Summer programs like Reach Cambridge Summer School provide an immersive experience designed to cultivate and strengthen these essential transferrable skills. Here, the idea of independence transforms into a tangible reality as students experience living in student accommodation. From learning to do their own laundry to choosing where to eat, to navigating to the right lecture classes on time. The Reach Summer School also provides various student workshops focusing on a range of transferrable skills such as interview prep, public speaking or personal statement writing to name a few!  


Team building skills can be classed as one of the most crucial skills in many areas of life. Furthermore, effective team building and learning to be open minded, listen to others’ points of view and coming to unified decisions are invaluable things to learn. Students at Reach Cambridge experience learning beyond traditional academic classrooms. For instance, practical team working activities take place in all academic and non-academic areas. From launching rockets in Science or organising group debates, to learning to play volleyball or cricket! Evening sports activities and interactive workshops teach students about collaborating and communicating effectively with teammates.   summer program 2023 sports   Overall, launching into university life equipped with transferrable skills is like starting a journey with a well-equipped backpack. These skills are the compass, the map, and the tools that will guide you through the diversity of university life.