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Application Deadline 30th April - Apply Now
Application Deadline 30th April - Apply Now

Summer 2023 Highlights

What an incredible summer it has been! The Reach Cambridge programs were full of energy, and we’re thrilled to have connected with so many wonderful and talented individuals this year. We’ve welcomed over 400 students from 54 different countries, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

In this blog, we’re excited to share some of the standout moments from this amazing summer.


The lectures and workshops

Our students delved into a variety of university-level subjects, experiencing them in the classrooms of various Cambridge University colleges. Beyond traditional lectures, interactive sessions and dynamic practical experiments expanded student horizons. Following a university-style schedule, mornings were dedicated to studying subjects like Business Management, Psychology, Biotechnology, Maths, and Law. Exploring further, students ventured outside the classroom for unique experiences such as launching rockets in Physics and Astronomy, immersing themselves in a day at the Supreme Court for Law, and visiting the Centre for Computing History with Maths and STEM students.

Evenings were full of captivating lectures. Highlights included an ex-pilot sharing an inspiring and eventful journey, and a doctor turned adventurer who conquered the South Pole! Workshops brought dynamic experiences, like the OneDrum Foundation’s African drumming session where each student embraced the rhythm. Educational workshops covered university preparation and interview skills helping students best prepare for their professional future.



The weekends were eagerly awaited for exciting trips around the UK beyond Cambridge! Students had an excursion day to London, exploring renowned spots like the Globe Theatre and the Tate Modern Gallery, and cruising along the River Thames.

We visited the historic birthplace of Shakespeare in the historic town of Stratford-Upon-Avon, where students were able to see the house where William Shakespeare was born.

Our students admired the iconic Warwick Castle, constructed in 1068 by William The Conqueror. They enjoyed traditional experiences like the Wars of The Roses Jousting and the much awaited Falconer’s Quest – an acrobatic and choreographed bird prey show!

Fun activities

Outside of academic lectures students joined many different activities throughout the afternoons and evenings. From educational and informative, to sports and entertainment – there was something for everyone!

From initially exploring Cambridge during the ‘Instravaganza’ (where students formed teams and solved riddles about its famous sites via @instragram) to punting through the river Cam and learning more about Cambridge.

Sports was a popular activity enjoyed by the staff and students in the evenings! We played volleyball, basketball, football and more. One day was dedicated to a fully organised Reach Sports Day where students competed in a range of athletic activities.

One evening, The Reach Team brought chills and thrills with a Ghost Tour. Dressed as white ghosts, the Reach Team led students on a spooky tour of Cambridge!


Our students took the spotlight at the student talent show and the World Fair! At the talent show, they wowed us with singing, dancing, and more. We even had supervisors join in with their unique talents, creating a fun evening. In the World Fair, they presented their diverse cultures and backgrounds, sharing fascinating insights like Australia’s bus system. These activities widened horizons and enriched everyone’s cultural perspective.


In the wake of an unforgettable summer, the Reach Cambridge programs thrived with energy, enthusiasm and engagement. From captivating lectures and enriching workshops to exciting excursions and engaging activities . Friendships were formed from all over the world and we’ve made memories that will forever last.