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Apply by 26th Feb and Save £100
Apply by 26th Feb and Save £100

Summer 2023: Program 3 - Day 10

Today, all our students headed to the Union for an exciting interdisciplinary debate. Our students were able to bring together all their varied lessons over the week to engage in really passionate and well-informed debates. Everyone had a minute to present their ideas and it was so fantastic to see everyone working together and getting stuck in, as well as putting their new knowledge and skills to work! The Cambridge Union is one of the oldest debating societies in the world and our students really appreciated the opportunity to debate in a chamber that has also hosted many famous people and academics, for example Bill Gates, Stephen Hawking, Winston Churchill, Stephen Fry and many, many more. Among many other things, they were debating about artificial intelligence and the controversial Chat GPT often came up. Twelve teams debated and it was so fantastic to see everyone work together and overcome their nerves to deliver articulate, sensitive and well-informed debates. Afterwards, everyone headed over to the ever-popular Downing paddocks to play lots of sports!

Dinner done and time for World fair! This was a fantastic opportunity to hear more from our students about their different cultures and countries. So many people spoke and it was so fantastic to see how attentive and interested everyone was. Later on, one of the activities most popular with our students was t-shirt painting. This had a fantastic turnout and we were so impressed to see some really artistic ideas and creations. Several students had got theirs signed by all their friends, so it was really special to see them actively make memories of their time here – as well as lots of “Reach Cambridge 2023” designs. Some, instead, decided to attend the extremely exciting spooooooky ghost tour. Spectral visitors and eerie scenes awaited our frightened students all around the haunted city…….

As the week winds down and our last programme of the summer draws to an end, we still have lots to look forward to: we are very excited for the Talent Show tomorrow evening as well as the Departure Party!! Once again, don’t hesitate to check out our Instagram and tiktok (@reachcambridge) for pictures of everything our students are getting up to!