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Summer 2023: Program 3 - Day 9

Although the week is slowly drawing to its close, the fun and learning does not stop! Some students had the opportunity to go to Cambridge’s Zoology Museum, which contains thousands of breath-taking specimens from elephants to reptiles, birds and giant ground sloths. Recently there has been a new Whale Hall in the entrance to the museum which actually houses a 21-metre-long Fin whale. Our students had lots of fun writing a report about a particular animal they chose and the staff were all extremely knowledgeable and explained why different animals are preserved in different ways! The Creative Writing students got extremely stuck in to writing their collaborative piece.

Some had an introduction to lots of different topics in their taster courses: we have a wide variety of courses on offer, ranging from History and Politics, to Economics, Study Skills and Pre-hospital and Medicine! Others decided to take a well-earned break from studying to sing their hearts out in the REACH CAMBRIDGE CHOIR!!! We have found some extremely talented singers in our midst so we can’t wait to see them show everyone their skills at the Talent Show on Friday. All the classics were played and everyone got really stuck in and enthusiastic. Others headed down to the ever-popular paddocks at Downing to play some volleyball. Everyone is really improving leaps and bounds!

For dinner, we all decided to get together for a tasty pizza feast. The weather – once again – had absolutely miserable designs and we were not massively expecting the absolutely torrential rain, but we made the most of it and all chatted and ate with friends. After dinner, we headed off for our evening lecture. Run by our absolutely fantastic English teacher, this gave our students a little insight into what would happen tomorrow at our Interdisciplinary day. This is a day where all the students get together to debate in the prestigious Union debating chambers. To prepare, some students were brave enough to get up and do a little practice exercise where they spoke on a random subject for a minute straight! We can’t wait to see what they come up with tomorrow for the real thing.

Afterwards, one of our supervisors hosted a fantastic pool tournament in Trinity Hall: lots of improvement was made and lots of fun had all round. We also had a fantastic jamming session on offer! We can’t wait for tomorrow and see what everyone will get up to.

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