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Summer 2023: Program 2 - Day 8

After a busy weekend away and lots of fun, students were all really excited to get stuck back into their lessons. Luckily, the weather is picking up and getting lots sunnier so lots of students are able to work outside! From an introduction to Gothic Horror to the ins and the outs of persuasive journalism, our classes are extremely wide-ranging and students continue to be motivated, enthusiastic, and sensitive thinkers. We are so impressed about their conduct inside and outside the classroom and our teachers so grateful for such interested and interesting young learners.

Later on, after a lovely lunch in the sun, we took everyone punting to unwind from a veery hectic weekend. This is one of the most quintessentially Cambridge things to do and students have been excitedly talking about it all week. The river flows through the West side of the city and passes by many famous colleges, including John’s and King’s. Our knowledgeable supervisors were able to give them lots of information about Cambridge, so our students could get to know it even better. Punting skills potentially leaving much to be desired, luckily we had no causalities and no one fell in! Although this is rare and apparently “just can’t happen”, this did unfortunately happen to me on the first time I ever punted…

This evening was the long-awaited International Quiz! Our supervisors worked hard to ask lots of tricky questions. The most popular was the Anagram round, where we needed to unscramble letters to work out what country it was. Give it a go: “moonrace”, “mango oil”, “darkmen”! With an extremely impressive 49 points, team fire seems to be taking charge of the points this week.

We are really excited for the last week of school! We have a lot of big events coming up, such as the Interdisciplinary day as well as the extremely long-anticipated TALENT SHOW!!

Once again, stay tuned on everything our students are getting up to through our Instagram and tiktok on: @reachcambridge