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Apply by 26th Feb and Save £100
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Summer 2022: Program 3 - Day 9

Today at Reach Cambridge, students were in classes as per usual, getting on and engaging with some of the final classes they will have for this Program! For us supervisors, these last few days feel especially precious as we have watched many students come and go and have grown a bond with the team here in Cambridge. I speak not only for myself, but I believe all students and staff have really created a home for themselves here in Cambridge and that can be seen in the way we are extra eager to engage and get involved with activities! Some students with Computer Science had an excursion of their own to the Computer Science Museum in Cambridge! It was a super fun few hours for students to explore as it hosts hands-on exhibitions, educational workshops and a wide range of activities and events. Most importantly, it makes the history of computing easy to learn and enjoy! Students particularly enjoyed playing with some Mario kart and taking a look at the difference between the old, block-like computers vs our sleek, thin laptops we recognise today!  

Spirit Thang in his full form

In the afternoon, students enjoyed some activities or free time in the city! We supervisors had prepared some sports at Jesus Green for them to enjoy if they wished, as well as giving them access to the music room to prepare for tomorrow’s talent show; everyone should be extremely excited, it’s one of my favourite parts of each program! Most students opted to have free time in the city as we are unfortunately approaching the end of Program 3. After a dinner at halls, students made their way to Trinity Hall for their usual evening lecture! Once the lecture was over, students were excited to get out and have free time for their evening on such a warm day! However, us supervisors had something even better planned for them. Of course, I am talking about the Ghost Tour with Sprit Thang! Many students were seen gasping as the horrific tales of Cambridge ghosts haunted them! Regardless, of the terrifying evening, it was such a blast with all the spirits coming to surprise us!


Written By Mel