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Summer 2022: Program 3 - Day 6

Today, students awoke to a bright sun and a late morning registration as no classes or excursions were happening today! With a little lie-in, everyone felt much more refreshed and raring to go for the activities our supervisors had planned for the day! Today’s theme is sports – we all walked to the University of Cambridge Sports Grounds after having the morning for free time. As soon as we arrived students were quick to settle down and help themselves to an array of food & drinks, as well as venture out to the fields to try all the sports equipment we had prepared! As today was an opportunity to take part in some relay events that can earn more points for Fire and Ice teams, lots of students jumped at the first chance to take part!

After a high-energy afternoon, students enjoyed a great buffet of delicious food at our BBQ! With lots of burgers, sausages, side dishes and veggies, everyone was seen enjoying their meals and having great fun in the afternoon sun. Tomorrow we are excited to take our students to the busy capital of the UK – London! Keep up to date with our blog and Instagram @reachcambridge to see what adventures we get up to on our second excursion of the week!


Written By Mel