Summer 2025: Apply by Saturday 31st August and Save £700
Summer 2025: Apply by 31st Aug and Save £700
Summer 2025: Apply by 31st Aug and Save £700

Summer 2022: Program 3 - Day 3

Classes were in full swing by this morning, we were particularly impressed by the Literature students investigating the illegal rave culture with cult-classic musicians such as the Sex Pistols. A fantastic in depth exploration of music and its influence in the media and community then, and how it has affected society today. Just goes to show how everything, no matter how little, can cause a ripple in how we experience our lives in this current day and age!

Students looking at Emotional Intelligence toys in Psychology!

In psychology, students got to try out the Empathy Toy – a device used to explore the mental skill of active listening. This is following their studies on Emotional Intelligence, a brilliant class taught by Katja that allows students to learn about their mind and emotions in a way that can benefit and push them forward for the better. It looked like great fun!

After classes many students headed down to ​Jesus Green for more sporting activities in this fantastic weather we are having today! British football has been gaining popularity with students as we get very competitive, it’s a brilliant game that everyone can bond on. In the city, some students enjoyed going on a heartwarming little bookshop tour in Cambridge, as we are famous for having many terrific vintage bookshops including the Sarah Key Haunted Bookshop! It was a great walk around central Cambridge with such an intimate group, some lovely conversations about literature were exchanged – a great way to spend the warm afternoon!

In the evening, students enjoyed a tasty supper at their respective college dining halls (my favourite is the Trinity Hall as it has such a lovely vibe when everyone is in it talking together), before we made our way to Trinity Lecture Hall for our Debate Workshop Lecture in preparation for the very exciting experience students will be having at our Cambridge Union – a unique opportunity for students to test out their debating skills! The Debate Workshop was very interactive and filled with laughter , as we have seen with many programs in the past. Students having to switch their argument between 2 random subjects in a flash may be all fun and games now, but what they are really doing is honing their debating skills! It engages their minds to think on their feet and improvise – an impressive skill for anyone to have! After the lecture students were buzzing and filled with energy, which us supervisors had the perfect idea to settle them down – we of course mean, Movie Night! Students gathered around the dark lecture theatre, popcorn in hand, to sit and watch a chilled out movie, or take their energy into the city for free time! By 10pm, students were back in the corridors ready to head to sleep after a busy day! Can’t wait until tomorrow to see how our students do in a real debate!


Written By Mel