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Summer 2022: Program 3 - Day 2

Today in sunny Cambridge, we started with morning classes after breakfast as usual. In the leadership class, students worked together to create a tale of the “Growth Mindset” – a mindset that teaches people to believe that even their most basic abilities are developed through hard-work and dedication. This was such a fantastic and intimate small class that allowed students to discuss their ideas and opinions freely, while learning from each other. It’s only day 2 and already it feels as though students are learning so many skills that can be used for the rest of their life. Some students also had the privilege of enjoying our taster courses that started today!

Leadership students working on a tale of growth mindset!

Later in the day, students had the opportunity to get their own lunches from the many delicious restaurants and cafes Cambridge has to offer, followed by a little free time to explore the city before afternoon activities begin. This afternoon, we had t-shirt painting in the terrace room (which had an amazing turnout with some terrific creations) alongside sports at Jesus Green! Sports in the huge space of Jesus Green (or as us Cambridge locals call it – “J-Green”) was an absolute blast with everyone cheering each other on while soaking up the warm weather we had – hopefully it stays the whole week! After having lots of fun and free time, the rest of the students gathered together at J-Green to have corridor dinner – another great opportunity for students and supervisors to socialise further and get to know each other even more! Tonight’s menu was pizza and as you can imagine there were zero complaints!

After dinner, we all headed to the lecture hall for tonight’s special lecture – a Rebellion Film Screening with a Q&A afterwards. The movie captivated students, leaving space for many questions at the end! Pizza and then a movie? – what else could you ask for?! Once the evening lecture had ended, we moved on to our much anticipated – International Quiz! An amazing way for students to earn points to their newly assigned Ice or Fire teams with their corridors. Shouting and laughing could be heard far from Trinity Hall, as everyone was desperate to earn points and score first! No student was silent today! After such a memorable day, the students felt ready for a well-earned rest and made their way back to their respective college campuses before heading to bed, looking forward to the days ahead of them. Now we can relax and think back on our memories we made today – if you want to see more, check out our Instagram page for daily updates on our story of what we have been up to!


Written By Mel