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Apply by 11th Dec and Save £250
Apply by 11th Dec and Save £250

Summer 2022: Program 2 - Day 10

Hello and welcome back to classes Reachers with a beautiful sunny morning! After the weekend of exciting and action-packed excursions, students are back to their regular Cambridge routine, many of which went out to enjoy the outdoors as they learnt. The medicine and Biotech students had the opportunity to go on an exciting excursion – a great chance for them to broaden their knowledge in a working environment! Many teachers today bonded with football fans in class over the UEFA Women’s Euros happening currently. Some students and teachers had some very passionate conversations on who their favourite teams were.

Punting Time!

In the afternoon, students went on punting tours of the River Cam – an iconic Cambridge experience! The hour long tour includes interesting tales and sites our city has to offer including all the colleges and many of our famous bridges – and of course not missing out on the mysteries of Cambridge’s secret societies like the Night Climbers (a group of mystery college climbers who pull harmless pranks on the colleges). It was such a blast in the punts, enjoying the views, conversation and slightly cooler yet refreshing weather we have been experiencing. After tours, everyone had free time to further explore Cambridge and spend what may be some of the students’ last few days with each other, how sad! We see now how Reachers have found their home in Cambridge, knowing their favourite spots for all kinds of activities they can do together. 

At 6pm a swift dinner was served before making our way to the Department of Engineering once again for our World Fair – a unique experience we have the privilege of enjoying with Reach Cambridge! Students and sometimes us staff too have a chance to come together and share what makes their country special and distinctive. One of our supervisors Holly gave a fantastic A-Z presentation on what makes Britain, Britain – including a hilarious economic analysis on the increase of ‘Freddo’ prices (a British chocolate snack).  With many students taking turns to work together and giving presentations on their home, we really get an insight on how where they are from has shaped them – I definitely left knowing more than I had before. Well done Reachers!


Written by Mel