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Apply by 11th Dec and Save £250
Apply by 11th Dec and Save £250

Summer 2022: Program 2 - Day 8

We’ve reached the end of the first week and you know what that means – London! Our week has gone so fast, how is it Sunday already? Reach students started their day bright and early as usual, as we took a couch to London! We began by arriving at Covent Garden, one of the best shopping districts bang in the centre of the city. It was bustling with life, filled with shops from all over the world, food, cafes and even a fire performer with his fantastic acts of swallowing flames and even doing a limbo – it was quite dramatic to say the least.

Students feeling enthusiastic about the walking tour!

After having a relaxing lunch and a few hours to explore Covent Garden and the area around it, we moved on to have a guided walking tour around the famous sights in London city! Sights like Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey and even Downing Street were few of the many sights we had the privilege to see! Big Ben was a great photo opportunity and it was great to see students explore and learn about attractions that make London, London. 

On the other side of the river, our remaining students were at the Tate Modern Gallery – one of the best places in the country to look at all varieties of art! Some of the most famous artists and pieces are kept there and we can only imagine the excitement some of our more creative students felt with the freedom to explore! Next up was our trip to the Globe Theatre, just further along the river to watch the infamous King Lear! What a fantastic production for our students to watch in such a historical and cultural location! By the afternoon, all students were ready to go with their filled water bottles back on the couch to Cambridge where a long well-earned sleep was waiting! Students handled their own dinner before making their way back to bed! Tomorrow we are back to classes – can’t wait! 


Written by Mel