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Apply by 11th Dec and Save £250
Apply by 11th Dec and Save £250

Summer 2022: Program 2 - Day 5

Classes today were varied as always. The Physics students had a chance to learn and make their own electric motors. Meanwhile in Social Sciences we had an interesting discussion about power and knowledge with videos of Foucault – a well known French philosopher. As the students become more adjusted to the Cambridge city, navigating their way to class has become second nature – helping their independence to grow! We are really starting to see how these students are becoming more mature everyday with a university-like experience with Reach. 

This afternoon, the students had a chance to test their photography and scavenger hunting abilities with our traditional Instravaganzar Scavenger Hunt, which you can check out at #reachcambridge2022 on Instagram! Watching the students travel all around Cambridge and get creative with their hilarious photoshoot ideas, we learn more and more about our students’ personalities. With more Fire vs Ice teams based competitions and point building, we watch the students’ teamwork get even better as their friendships continue to be nurtured. 

A few of our brave debaters today!

For the evening lecture today we had a continuation of yesterday’s Debate Workshop Prep, by bringing the skills we learnt on debating to our very own Cambridge Union! This is very exciting for students as usually those under the age of 18 do not get access, but with Reach we are grateful for the opportunity to offer a chance for our Reachers to get an inside look! Students began the debate with the question “This house believes that exams are an acceptable way to assess student achievement and ability” – which you can imagine caused a lot of discussion for both sides as it is a topic close to our students’ hearts. Our 3 representatives on each side were assertive and eloquent when sharing their side of the argument, while also actively listening to the opposition. The results were 27 Ayes and 25 Noes – a very close call indeed!


Written by Mel