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Apply by 11th Dec and Save £250
Apply by 11th Dec and Save £250

Summer 2022: Program 2 - Day 2

Classes were in full swing by this morning; we were particularly impressed by the efforts of the Architecture students building tall (& delicious!) towers using marshmallows and spaghetti – there was definitely a lot of creative flair shining through! It seems every student is taking classes in their stride with an excellent first morning with Reach Cambridge. 

After classes many students headed down to the Downing College Paddock to enjoy some icebreaker activities in the lovely summer weather, with games like wink murder and even a pool tournament. We really got to see the amazing friendships form an even deeper connection with a good competitive spirit to get them working more as a team. There were some truly spectacular fake deaths in wink murder!

Quiz Time getting super competitive!!

In the evening we all made our way to the Engineering Department where we began our Fire vs Ice games – a Reach Cambridge tradition! The Kahoot quiz was a major success with everyone taking part – including us supervisors! Laughs and shouting could be heard far from the Engineering Department as all students brought such competitive energy to the competition. Ice currently lead the competition, but we’ll see if Fire can heat things up in the days to come.


Written by Mel