QUICK! Final places remaining for summer 2024! APPLY NOW
QUICK! Final places remaining for summer 2024! APPLY NOW
QUICK! Final places remaining for summer 2024! APPLY NOW

Summer 2023: Program 1 - Day 10

As the programme sadly closer to its end, we continue to be so impressed by our students’ willingness and enthusiasm to learn. It makes teaching them easier and really fulfilling, so we are really grateful. Our day started as usual with a busy morning of lessons, where our students were learning about effective negotiation in Business and Economics as well as web development in the STEM classes. Excitingly, and the weather held(!), in the Physics and Astronomy class, some students were able to launch rockets on Jesus green – just one of the beautiful green expanses we have here in Cambridge. Please head over to our Instagram for lots of videos and photos we have of these!


For some, the learning didn’t stop: everyone continues to enjoy their taster courses, and today was the first day of Music Composition where our teacher went through theory to get ready to composing a piece for a short film tomorrow. We’re really excited to hear this! The History and Politics taster course continues to be extremely popular, and we also had Young Leaders and an introduction to Pre-NHS and emergency medicine.


After lunch, we had lots of fun activities for our students to choose from. Some decided to head over to Trinity Hall for a personal statement workshop. It was really encouraging to see how our students continue to prioritise their education in a balanced and healthy way, asking lots of questions not only about how to improve/write their personal statements, but also asking wider questions about how to pick the right courses, how to know which university right, and what university life is like. Our current students and staff were more than happy to share their insights and people left looking forward to their time at university. For some, that’s not far off!


Some attended our long-anticipated dance workshop! This was really loved by all, and everyone showed such infectious energy and enthusiasm. Again, everything can be seen on our Instagram and Tiktok – these dances are not to be missed. Others decided to prepare a bit more for the World Fair/Talent Show. We are reaaaally looking forward to both. We’ve heard a lot of previews for the Talent Show and are so lucky to have such talented and friendly students.


We then all convened for the Corridor Dinner to have delicious pizzas and relax with each other as the days draw nearly to their end. It was so amazing to see the friendships that have formed in such a short time and the care that they have for each other. Afterwards, we headed down to see the students present about their culture and background at the World Fair, a really great experience to learn more about things we might not necessarily have known.




There were lots of exciting things on today, so please head over to our Instagram and Tiktok to check them out: @reachcambridge