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Apply by 2nd Oct and Save £500
Apply by 2nd Oct and Save £500

Summer 2022: Program 1 - Day 4

Today was another action-packed day for Reach Cambridge students! As we are now entering the middle of the first week, students’ confidence and friendships are truly beginning to blossom. Now that the students are more comfortable getting around the beautiful city of Cambridge, the classes are incorporating more outings, with the English Literature & Creative Writing class having an excursion to Corpus Christi College. This college’s library hosts the original King Lear written by William Shakespeare himself – a great way to get students pumped up for the Sunday excursion to watch that very play being performed at the Globe Theatre!

It is truly incredible to see how the students are benefitting from and gaining knowledge in their selected classes. I had a discussion today with a student who was debating possible career paths in Law or Medicine, and the Reach course has already helped her decide that Law is her true passion!

Mixed reactions from students in the Debate Workshop!

After activities and a short break, students were taken for a Debating Workshop where they energetically engaged in live debates – to much applause and more laughter! It was a fantastic evening with students sharing their thoughts on some serious and some not-so-serious topics, in a playful manner. I can’t wait to see how they all do in the debating activities in the Cambridge Union tomorrow!


Written by Mel