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Day 12: Street dance and Singstar

IMG_5658Friday was a busy and action packed day for all! The afternoon kicked off with the Reach Ambassadors meeting where students were given information about how to become a Reach ambassador. This program gives students the opportunity to promote Reach in their schools and spread the word of our summer program! After this our supervisor Naomi headed a fantastic street dance class bursting with energy! Everyone threw themselves into the class and gave it their all, and there might even be a performance at our annual talent show! There was also a pool tournament where people got to show off their skills. Friday is one the best nights of the week because it’s the night for CORRIDOR DINNERS! Students and Supervisors get to go out as a group to one of the local restaurants and catch up on the weeks activities over some of the great food Cambridge has to offer. This week I went to a restaurant called Wildwood which has been popular with a lot of our students – all the options were almost too good so I just couldn’t pick what I wanted! Apart from the food, I really enjoy corridor dinners as they are a great chance for the supervisors and students to get to know each other, and always great fun for everyone.IMG_6128 Lewis, our Senior Supervisor, gave the evening lecture on university interviews. It was informative but fun with very convincing performances from our supervisors Sam and Shehnaz. Finally everyone got to shine in the evening’s activity of Singstar – everyone was enthusiastic and gave it a go, even if they had to wrestle the mics off the supervisors! Written by Robyn Borland, Supervisor