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Day 4: Camp photos, games and dinosaurs

DinosaurToday I was privileged to meet students from the Life & Medicine class and take them on a guided tour of the Sedgwick Museum! The Museum of Earth Sciences is the oldest museum at the University of Cambridge and has a collection of over 2 million fossils, minerals and rocks! The museum guided students on a journey through time as they learnt about the building blocks of planets, organisms and evolution. People sometimes call the museum the “dinosaur museum” because of the great displays of dinosaur models, bones and fossils. Inside the museum, the Reach Students studied excerpts from ‘The Origin of Species’ by Charles Darwin and evaluated Darwin’s famous Tree of Life diagram from his published findings. After this students went on to learn about Carbon and Crystal Chemistry and how it pertains to rock structures that make up much of the earth today– very interesting! In the afternoon students gathered in the sun for the official Reach Cambridge Camp photo! The photo included all the students and staff. As students gathered for the photo everyone was talking and laughing with the people on their left and right. This made me realize how close all of the students were becoming after just four days of being together!photo After lunch, I took a large group of students to the Downing College playing field, where the supervisors and students enjoyed a fantastic game of rounders, followed by a big football match which all of the students enjoyed. Other students played tennis and basketball whilst some decided to explore Cambridge town centre.  Overall, the day was really fun and I enjoyed spending more time with the students. Tonight we have a Disco planned, for those with enough energy left! Written by Timothy Pillow, Supervisor