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Apply by 2nd Oct and Save £500
Apply by 2nd Oct and Save £500

Summer 2021: Program 2 - Day 2

Roll on the first day of P2 lessons!

From aerospace technology in the Engineering class, to Human Rights in Law, to the nature of power and the responsibilities of government in Politics – the morning was filled with interesting subject matter to get the students’ brains whirring.

After class, the students took a journey into Cambridge centre to get acquainted with the local sights and sample the wide variety of foods available from its traditional market square. It was the perfect day for it – not a cloud in the sky!

New students building bridges of friendship!

Post-lunch, the students took part in a classic Reach Cambridge rite of passage: the Instravaganza Scavenger Hunt! Having been handed a set of clues to various locations around the city centre, students had to put their heads together to figure out which places the hints referred to, and then try to take the best & most creative photos in these sites. There were fabulous photos all round, and the students quickly got to know the ins and outs of Cambridge’s small city centre.

The students returned to Fitzwilliam College for dinner, before meeting in the auditorium for the first evening lecture of the program – a talk on the Coffee Mill Project charity, delivered by our very own Journalism teacher! Post-lecture, students had the opportunity to wind down after a busy day by playing some card games on Tree Court. All in all, a wonderful first full day of Program 2!