Application Deadline 30th April - Apply Now
Application Deadline 30th April - Apply Now
Application Deadline 30th April - Apply Now

Summer 2021: Program 1 - Day 5

Presentations in Medicine Class!

It has been another jam-packed day at Reach 2021! After grabbing some breakfast from the dinner hall, students headed off to their classes. The Medicine students had fun testing their blood to determine their blood types; a big joint session for the humanity students enjoyed some healthy debate in their Freedom of Expression class; and the Computer Science students started creating their own Artificial Intelligence using reinforcement learning!

During the afternoon, a few students headed off to their taster courses including History and Politics, and Introduction to Economics. The students had a great time with their teachers tackling interesting and challenging topics. Other activities in the afternoon included a classic British picnic, although there was a mixed response to the Jammie Dodgers…

The students still in quarantine gathered outside for a socially distanced chat. They are excited to get out and explore of Cambridge in a couple of days, but for now they are enjoying the online community and activities on Zoom!

Finally, dinner was followed by evening notices and a movie night! Cruella was a big hit with the students and staff alike – a worthy origin story for a classic Disney villain.

There is loads more planned for tomorrow, so see you then!