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Apply by 11th Dec and Save £250
Apply by 11th Dec and Save £250

Summer 2021: Program 1 - Arrival Day`

The new students have arrived! This afternoon we had our first group of 2021 students join us in Cambridge from all over the world. They joined the students who had quarantined with us before the start of the program, who were eager to meet the new students and get acquainted with the historic city! We look forward to finding out what this new group will bring. It has been exciting to see some of the new personalities that present already.

Our first group of students arrived early in the morning to begin their 5-day quarantine period. They had a group Zoom call to get to know each other, and were able to participate in some exercise in the grounds of the beautiful Fitzwilliam College. Delicious lunches and dinners were delivered to their doors, and after dinner the students joined a virtual Welcome Talk, where they could meet the staff and get all the info they needed on the program structure. The students then headed to bed, tired from a long day but excited to start their amazing classes virtually tomorrow!

The students tour Cambridge’s idyllic streets!

The rest of the students were able to go on a tour of Cambridge in the afternoon, stopping off at all the key sites in this wonderful, historic city. After the tour they had dinner together before joining the Welcome Talk, followed by exciting icebreaker activities which served to both introduce the students to each other and provide oodles of fun!

The students have a fun-filled but intense two weeks ahead of them; lessons will be learned and friendships will be formed. Stay tuned for more. If you’re on social media, don’t forget to check out our Story on Instagram and Facebook for daily updates, and of course, here on our daily blog. See you tomorrow!