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Reach Cambridge and the Sabre Charitable Trust

For five years Reach Cambridge students have been working with the Sabre Trust, a charity which does amazing work improving education in rural Ghana. It has been wonderful to see our students, in both July and August, really get behind this cause. Here is a little bit about what our August group have been doing this summer to help raise money and awareness for the Sabre Trust.
Reach Cambridge staff, faces painted with the colours of the Ghana flag on our July Sabre day

Reach Cambridge staff, faces painted with the colours of the Ghana flag on our July Sabre day

Challenges & Presentations In week one of the Global Leaders Program, the students set up a series of challenges for themselves to raise money for SABRE. The challenges included sponsored silences and ‘days without luxuries’. Some students decided to group together to organise bigger challenges. Several of the boys set up a penalty shoot-out competition, charging £3 for 3 shots at goal with a special prize for anyone who could get two balls past the amazing goalkeeper.This was a most popular challenge attempted by many of the students. Whilst this was going on the boys were getting donations in return for refreshments to spectators to raise some extra cash for the charity. Taking place at the same time was a great water carrying challenge. Some of the girls from the US set up a game whereby you had to carry water across the field from one container to another without spilling it. Bets were taken as to who could carry the most water over in a set time.Other students loved this game and were keen both to take part carrying water and to place bets on the winner. It was a very successful afternoon with students thoroughly enjoying themselves and making money for charity at the same time! In the meantime, other students were working hard to create some impressive presentations demonstrating the work that The Sabre Trust do, to be shown to the group of students arriving the following week.   Charity Auction Friday evening saw the eagerly awaited charity auction take place with over a hundred students coming to support. Students and supervisors alike had offered a variety of items to sell from language lessons to field and track sessions. It was great to see the students really getting into the auction spirit and bidding very generously on all of the items. Some notable purchases include a group bid of £100 for a punt & picnic on the River Cam, led by one of the Reach Cambridge supervisors – worth every penny! A variety of others items were kindly offered including personalised photographs and song writing workshops. At the end of proceedings over £1000 had been raised for Sabre in the space of only two weeks…what an amazing achievement! Added to our total from the incredible efforts of the July group this comes to around £4000! Of course raising the funds is great news for our charity but it was as much a pleasure to see all the students getting involved and supporting all their new friends. I look forward to hearing how all the lessons and workshops go and hope that perhaps some will be inspired to pick a new hobby as a result! The Sabre Trust would welcome any donations towards their current project in Dominase, Ghana. Donations may be made via their Just Giving page: Lizzie