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Reach Cambridge July 2013 has begun!

We are delighted to announce that Reach Cambridge summer school – July 2013 – has officially BEGUN!
The Master's Lodge at Trinity Hall

The Master’s Lodge at Trinity Hall

Students from across the world flew in today to be met by the Reach Cambridge team and brought back to two beautiful Cambridge Colleges – Downing and Trinity Hall – which will be home for the next three weeks. We are joined this year by students from as far as Brazil, Zambia, Australia and the United States, as well as many more countries such as Kuwait, Lebanon, Singapore and many parts of Europe. After registration, students settled in to their rooms, met the other students on their corridor and got to know their corridor supervisor, who will be looking after them for the duration of the program. Reach Cambridge staff led tours of the Colleges and the town so that students could get a feel for their new home from home, and thankfully the sun was shining all afternoon! We all  gathered for a lovely dinner together and then the Reach Cambridge team delivered a welcome talk to introduce the students to the program tell everyone about all of the exciting things that will be happening in the coming weeks! We hope that everyone gets a good night’s sleep ready for the first classes in the morning! We are looking forward to the arrival of the final few students tomorrow and to a fantastic three weeks in this beautiful and historic part of England.