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WEATHERWATCH: Summer is coming to Cambridge!

Greetings from Cambridge! It’s been a most unusual year in terms of the weather here in Cambridge!  We have had an extremely LONG winter, with freezing cold temperatures lasting into March, the to-be-expected April showers, and an unusually gloomy May! At a time of year when people are usually bringing their sunglasses, umbrellas, winter coats, wellies have prevailed, leaving us dreaming of those glorious days playing football and volleyball at Reach, and dipping our toes in the sea on the trip to Brighton. But hope is here. And it takes the form of….SUN! That’s right, this weekend temperatures soared to 20 degrees Celsius, with sun seekers heading to the parks and happy people filling the streets of Cambridge, admiring the stunning King’s College Chapel against the bright blue skies. We know that some of you will come from countries where average temperatures are more like 30 degrees Celsius, but after so much wind, rain, and snow we are just delighted that the sun has finally decided to come out and say hello! We are hoping for many more sun-filled days to come on this year’s fantastic Reach Cambridge programs, to be spent playing sports, exploring town, having fun in the photography club, or simply relaxing and sharing a picnic with some great new friends :)