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Summer 2019: Program 3 - Day 12

Reach Olympics

With the end of our summer program drawing close, the last couple of days are nonetheless filled with exciting classes and activities! The penultimate day of Program 3 began with breakfast, served in the students’ respective colleges. Students then headed to their classes, with a variety of interesting topics being discussed in each subject. Afternoon activities included a combination of academic and sporting activities to suit a range of students. The Reach Olympics took place in Downing College. Students competed in various sporting activities, including sprinting, hula hooping and relay races. The contest was fuelled by the approaching Ice vs Fire competition finale, which made team points vital! Alternatively, a trip to the Zoology museum and Sedgwick museum was run by supervisors taking students on a tour around these fascinating displays. The ‘Evolution as Inspiration’ exhibition was on display at the Zoology Museum which featured artworks by Jonathan Kingdon, who has developed a wealth of artistic practices seeking to explore and explain some of the ‘how’s and ‘why’s of animal evolution. A Reach photoshoot also took place this afternoon, where students had their photos taken around various locations by a professional photographer. Students who took part in this enjoyed a lovely lunch on the terrace before heading off to locations around central Cambridge – keep an eye out for the photos on our website!

Students at the Museum of Zoology

In the evening, students ate at Westminster College, where a lamb or vegetable stew was enjoyed, alongside many emotional conversations amongst the students reminiscing over their time at Reach. After dinner, students had an evening lecture entitled “Your place in the cosmos.” This encapsulated a variety of ideas looking into galaxies and the universe. The topic fascinated many of the students, with discussions continuing throughout the evening on the concepts mentioned within the lecture. After this enticing lecture, the talent show started off with a singing performance by all the Reach Staff. This included a pun on Robbie William’s “Let me entertain you”, changing it to “Let us educate you”. Following this performance came a variety of musical and talent acts which highlighted some of the amazing skills of our students outside of academia! Written by Lauren