Summer 2025: Apply by Saturday 31st August and Save £700
Summer 2025: Apply by 31st Aug and Save £700
Summer 2025: Apply by 31st Aug and Save £700

Summer 2019: Program 2 - Day 5

It’s Friyay!

The first week flew by! We are still full of energy. For some students, the day started with an educational trip around Cambridge, to look at bridges as an example of how to construct a sturdy bridge. After having a proper look at them, they went back to the classroom and had a go at building their own ones. Then came the moment of truth – the testing! The students used water bottles and paper as weights to check the structural in. Check out the videos on our Instagram stories P2 Highlight for videos of falling bridges!

Escape Room champions!

The ESL students looked at Martin Luther King’s ‘I have a Dream’ speech before they prepared a role play on their idea to change the world for the better. The SAT Preparation class even got the chance to puzzle through an Escape Room – which they fled with an impressive 14 minutes to spare! Finally, the Medicine & Life Sciences class even got some practical experience with a dissection class. As well as the usual morning classes we had Taster courses too, specifically Emergency Medicine and Young Leaders.
Additionally, in the face of the gloomy weather, students really enjoyed the most typical thing to do in Cambridge! Any guesses..?


Punting on the Cam

After all the fun workouts on the punts (again, check out our Instagram Story highlights for videos of the students’ valiant attempts!), it was time for dinner, followed by a lecture on university life. The students had a chance to learn about application process, student life and many other aspects that make up the experience of studying in the UK.
After that it was time for our famous Squad Wars! It has been a week since students (as well as staff) started contributing towards gaining points for their teams – Fire vs Ice. So came Squad Wars – an amazing way to get many points, whether through guessing songs or recognising logos. Also, students needed to identify pictures of their supervisors when they were babies – that was probably the most enjoyable part ;)
And so, the first week of the programme is officially finished. Tomorrow is bringing more excitement – London! Some students will have an opportunity to watch a Shakespeare play as well as trip to the Tate Modern Museum, and some will get on a cruise to Greenwich, one of the most beautiful part of London.  We’re looking forward to our first excursion!
Written by Ola