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Summer 2019: Program 2 - Day 4

Day 4 started with cloudy weather but thankfully it didn’t last long. Something to be happy about! Speaking of which, Psychology students learnt about different routes to happiness today, focusing particularly on the humanistic approach and positive psychology. ESL had the opportunity to explore Cambridge’s Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, where they immersed themselves in creative writing exercises. Other stimulating classes included the Physics and Engineering students going to the Museum of Computing History, which apparently has every games console ever invented! Meanwhile, our Medicine class underwent a tasty experiment, exploring the connections between the senses and the brain as they tried ‘miracle berries’ which made everything taste super sweet.

After all the learning, it was time to boost some endorphins with exercise! Today’s offering was ZumbaStudents were fans of many different types of zumba, including hip-hop and salsa. Even some of the supervisors and senior staff members got lost in the dance too!

Students getting into Zumba!

On the other side of Trinity Hall, other students engaged in some brain exercises… They joined workshops on interview skills and public speaking, delivered by our dedicated supervisors.

Today was also a special day as it was corridor dinner evening! Corridors got together in order to enjoy a meal and further bonding time. They chose many different options such as sushi, pizza night, Chinese takeaway… It was a lovely way to relax together and talk about favourite experiences of Reach so far – after all, it is already the fourth day! Time flies!

After all the yummy food, students were walked to Engineering Department where our usual evening lecture took place. The topic was ‘Inclusive Innovation for Social Change,’ and involved a lot of interesting and thought-provoking discussions. Our speaker, Harsha Patel, the founder of the charity Doing Social, raised our awareness of the importance of inclusive innovation. She posited that, when making decisions about a group of people whose lives need to be improved, it is essential to include the voices and perspectives of people within that community.

At the end of the day, it was time for ‘Reach Cambridge Groove’ and everyone had a chance to have a little dance (which for some students, of course, was for the second time that day!). Dancing was not the only thing that was on offer, however – students got involved in casino and board games while having some snacks and drinks.

After another eventful day, we can’t wait for tomorrow, which involves one of the most exciting thing to in Cambridge! Can anyone guess what..?

Written by Ola