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Summer 2019: Program 2 - Day 2

Cambridge was basking in golden sunshine on Day 2 here at Reach, fitting for the radiant, effervescent atmosphere that is building within the group. It is so heartwarming to see the brilliantly diverse range of cultures come together and form such strong connections so quickly. We are so excited by this energetic and inspirational group of students and can’t wait to share in their stories more over the next 2 weeks.
Students began to delve deep into their subjects in the second day of classes. As I had the privilege of being able to walk between groups, I got to experience the inspiring buzz of these students exploring all this wonderful new learning. In the Maths class, the topic of ‘Infinity’ stretched and challenged some curious minds to reconsider everything they knew about quantity. The Engineering group got hands on to build their understanding of structures and forces by constructing model Eiffel Towers from Lego, while the Psychology group explored ‘Happiness and Fulfilment’ in their session. Students are really engaging in the insightful journeys their tutors are taking them on, and can’t wait for tomorrow’s instalment. Elsewhere, students participating in the Architecture Taster course enjoyed a hands-on drawing lesson outside in the sunshine.

After some well earned lunchtime recess, the supervisors lead two great activities to choose from in the afternoon. Shamefully, not one student had heard of the magnificent game of Rounders, and so they were all about to learn in the latest episode of the Team Ice-Fire battle (a friendly competition between the student body)! Rounders was a surprise hit in Program 1 too, so it’s great to see the tradition being carried into this program. In a game that’s totally accessible and suitably competitive, the group surprised all of the supervisors with impressive batting ability and unwavering commitment to winning. Red-hot batting was met by ice-cool catches to play out a well-spirited draw. Points for both teams! Those that didn’t want to take on the Cambridgeshire heat displayed their artistic instincts in a ‘T-shirt decorating and Glamyard’ session. Needless to say Reach’s style has been taken to a new level!

It is so heartwarming to see the brilliantly diverse range of cultures come together and form such strong connections so quickly.

Students enjoyed games such as Switch Nintendo and our pseudo-‘Casino Night’ in the evening slot. Our resident supervisor croupier Joe saw some seasoned poker players take on the force of beginner’s luck in many rounds of progressively tactical Texas Holdem Poker. Next-door, daytime Senior Program Coordinator and night-time Switch expert Luke hosted the ever-popular Mario Kart Championships. Experience and skill reaped the rewards in this contest, but the newcomers have insisted on a rematch later in the program! We eagerly await round 2.

Rounders, poker, and Mario Kart was conquered; lanyards and T-shirts were glamourised; and of course friendships were strengthened and knowledge captured. We go again tomorrow!

Written by Guy